Choose a Service that suits your needs

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The Entrepreneur Suite
Mail and Parcel Service

The Entrepreneur Suite upgrades your business with a Beverly Hills office address. This entry-level package provides a VOS virtual suite with regular mail and paid parcel receipt service
Starting at $100.00 per month.
The Extension Suite
Dedicated Phone Line & Voicemail

Extend your business profile with access to many of the advantages of a physical office without excessive overhead. This suite includes a dedicated telephone line and up to two hours per month of scheduled conference rooms or office cubicle space at no extra cost, along with bi-weekly mail forwarding. 

Staring at $145.00 per month.
The Executive Suite
Live Reception & Personal Assistance 
Manage your time and costs with the all-inclusive Executive Suite. Associated amenities include: 
  • Unique telephone number with live reception
  • Call forwarding and electronic voicemail
  • Incoming fax service with a courtesy notification
  • In-office copying, scanning, and email access (as available)
  • Notary services
  • Curbside delivery and more
Starting at $195.00 per month
Conference Room VIP Suite.jpg
The VIP Suite


Manage your time and cost with the exclusive VIP Suite package. Associated amenities include:

  • 6 hours of conference room time,

  • telephone number live receptionist call,

  • forwarding and electronic voicemail,

  • incoming fax service with a courtesy notification

  • In-office scanning, copying & email access (as available), 

  • Notary services, curbside mail, delivery, and more

Starting at $230.00 per month